Andrew Carson - PATHFINDER LAUNCH DATE: THURSDAY 3 MARCH 2016, 6PM EXHIBITION RUNS UNTIL SUNDAY 13 MARCH 2016. PATHFINDER is an installation of new work by Andrew Carson following on from his research into the use and effects of modern means of communication; Andrew’s work is an exploration of social structures, systems, possibility, and probability. Pathfinder takes its cue from the megalithic complex of Nabta Playa in Southern Egypt. Current research proposes that the area was first used as a 'regional ceremonial centre' around 6100 to 5600 BC, with people coming from various locations to gather on the dunes surrounding the playa. The significance of astronomical observance at the site indicates humanity’s unwavering attempts to read and understand the structure of, and apply meaning to, the stellar meanderings of the heavens. Pathfinder explores the applications of these communal stargazings to our understanding of our own interpersonal connections. Andrew’s work explores forms of commune through the use of prayer and ritual across cultures investigating our struggle to overcome both psychological and physical distances in human social interaction. Andrew is a Dublin based artist and graduated from DIT with a BA Fine Art in 2010. He has shown in solo and group exhibitions extensively around Ireland and also in the UK, Greece, Italy, Spain, Poland and Japan. Recent projects include Pilgrim (Draiocht, 2015), On Beauty (Roscommon Arts Centre, 2015) Digging History (Swords Castle, 2015). He was also Artist-in-Residence at Draiocht in 2015. His work is featured in private and OPW state collections. Pathfinder was awarded as part of Foundation14’s Critic’s Choice Award, and was funded by Foundation14 and Fingal County Council Arts Office.

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