16 June 6pm- 9pm

Block T (Above Chinatown), 1-6 Haymarket, Smithfield Square, Dublin 7

Participating artists:

Andrew Carson
Jane Fogarty
Aoibheann Greenan
David Lunney
Grace McEvoy
Oisín O'Brien
Anna O'Byrne
Kurt Oppermann
Laura Smith

Jockeyism is an invented term which describes a playful and conceptual approach to creating a series of diverse works from nine different artists. Each of the artists began by selecting a racehorse name which they deemed relevant to their own practice in both its physical and theoretical capacity and created a piece around their chosen title. This conceptual approach facilitates the collective while also informing individual practices as each artist pursues their own personal trajectory within their work.
On the one hand Jockeyism can be seen as a playful poke at the various trends and neologisms that emerge endlessly within the art world and to which artists often feel they must conform in order to establish their work. To a higher extent the title evokes some of the darker aspects of the art market i.e. the struggle to get ahead and indeed the financial risk or gamble involved in choosing art as a career. Jockeyism is an attempt to undermine this dominant position. Curated by a group of recent fine art graduates from NCAD and DIT who began a fortnightly peer critique group in Block T, this exhibition emphasises the importance and benefits of support over competition. Each participant has created their own rules and experimented outside of their regular context and mediums thereby challenging the pressure to obey convention.