E-tomb allows social networking from beyond the grave

The E-tomb, featured on Yanko Design, is a concept piece that partners the growing importance of social networking with the traditional form of cemeteries.

Plans have emerged online for a Bluetooth-enabled gravestone which allows friends and family to still 'interact' with you once you're dead.

The gravestone contains solar panels and stores your personal information and former web presence. Friends and family can then access your virtual life from it, as well continuing to update and upload anecdotes and stories about you.

The designs claim the E-tomb will be able to store information from websites such as Facebook and personal blogs.

Visitors to the grave can then use their phone, via Bluetooth, to access the information.

The designs state: 'The logs, photos and videos in spaces could help people to be in remembrance of the one passed away vividly.

'E-TOMB has been designed for people in the information age to provide a more emotional form of tomb.'

The idea has received a mixed reaction, with bloggers appreciating the way it embraces how today's society is spending increasing amounts of time online but question whether traditional graveyards should be disturbed in any way.

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