An interesting initiative...

A friend of mine sent me this link... It looks really cool!... It's interesting to see how the art market is adapting to the economic climate at the moment... looks like Duchamps readymades might be back...

"Inspired by the recession and compelled to create something positive, ‘Worthless’ is a live art installation that explores the value of material objects in the heart of Seven Dials. For one week only (22nd–29th May) members of the public will be invited to bring their own ‘worthless’ items into the store, and have them transformed into pieces of art.

The event will pay homage to the institution that once was Woolworths, via ironic references throughout the installation space. A team of Pollocks creatives will work continually throughout the week on transforming items into works of art. The experience cumulates for the customer, when on collection of their item, they will be asked to pay how much they feel the new item is worth.

A pick’n’mix of ‘worthless to priceless’ creations will be exhibited in the store from 1st – 5th June, with several items being auctioned at Whisky Mist Club on behalf of the ‘MS Society’."

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